Caring for your jewellery

All of our items are handmade and pieces may vary slightly from photo. Gemstone quality may also vary slightly, but if there are any obvious natural inclusions, we do include this in our descriptions and update our photos so there are no surprises when you receive your item. Please note that each gemstone is unique.

Our jewelry is handmade and delicate:

Please handle with care and store them away properly. Also keep your jewels away from water/soaps/chemicals. Avoid strikes or blows to the minerals or gemstones. If dropped or knocked, the stone or the wood has potential to chip or crack, and the stone may part from the wooden base. It is therefore very important that your Stoned Jewelry piece is handled and worn with care.

Keep your semi-precious gemstone jewelry separate from diamond jewelry. Diamonds are the hardest stones and if they come into contact with softer stones, they may cause scratches and marks.

Metal Jewelery and chains: Metals naturally develop a surface patina over time, from oxygen, perfumes and skin acidity. You can use an old soft toothbrush/cloth, hot water and soap to lightly scrub over the surface. Rinse in clean hot water and dry the jewelery piece in a soft cloth. The best way to keep your jewelery clean is to wear it.

All Stoned Jewels pieces are packaged in our own boxes with care instructions included.

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