Gemstone Properties

AMAZONITE: clarity and clear spirit \ soothes emotions \ dispels negativity \ enhances communication concerning love

AMETHYST: enhances stability, strength vigour and peace \ heightens spirituality \ a traditional healing crystal

BOTSWANA AGATE: (grey, pink or variety) called the “change stone: helps one handle change in a positive way \ comforting stone \ relief from depression and/or grief \ increases creativity \ increases the power of one’s intuition

BLUE LACE AGATE: said to encourage higher wisdom honesty and peace \ useful in reaching higher spiritual planes

CASSITERITE: keeps negative thoughts from your mind  \ propagates feelings of hope and of living life to the fullest \ takes care of heart and stomach related problems

CITRINE: dissipates negative energy helps with awareness \ awakens mind and radiance within \ improves ability to build and maintain wealth \ if your finances need improving this is the one!

CHRYSOCOLLA: stone of harmony \ can be used to purify a place or remove negativity from a person \ helps ease fear, anxiety, and guilt \ good for treating asthma, emphysema, TB, pneumonia, muscle cramps, spasms, arthritis, headaches, particularly tension headaches, and is used for protection during pregnancy and childbirth

CLEAR QUARTZ: Balances all chakras \ Cleans the atmosphere of negative energies and balances all endeavors \Amplifies and cleans the energies of your other stones.

FIRE AGATE: calming energy that brings security and safety \ protection stone with strong grounding powers \ improve sexual activity, stimulating vitality and opening the base chakra.

FLUORITE: Fluorite is said to absorb and neutralize negative vibrations. It makes one more receptive to the vibrations of other stones. Fluorite should be kept in every room of the home. Fluorite is known as the “Genius Stone”. Increases concentration.Helps in decision-making.

GARNET: A garnet gemstone under a pillow is said to prevent bad dreams and wearing the gemstone helps alleviate depression. Garnet is also a protective energy stone & is often used for gentle spiritual healing. Lore claims that garnet can heal the blood, heart and lungs.

HEMATITE: Hematite grounds and protects us.  It strengthens our connection with the earth, making us feel safe and secure.  It endows us with courage, strength, endurance and vitality.  A “stone for the mind”, Hematite stimulates concentration and focus, enhancing memory and original thought.

LABRADORITE: stone of transformation and magic \ clears, balances and protects the aura \ provides clarity and insight into your destiny, as well as attracts success

LAPIS LAZULI: brings truthfulness, openness, inner power, intuition, creativity, virility and manifestation \ strengthens the mind and body \ increases awareness and spiritual connection/evolution \ enhances love and fidelity within marriage \ helps one build confidence and overcome shyness \ helpful for sinus ailments, cancer, headaches, nervous system, speech problems, pituitary gland and pain relief.

LEMON QUARTZ: Spiritual properties of Lemon quartz are from its yellow color which symbolizes optimism, well being and creativity. It helps in performing deep meditation and enhancing wearer’s focus on goals. It makes the mind clean and clear with a bright and sharp outlook which helps in the future. It enables control on evil thoughts and makes life free from any anxieties making the wearer stress-free.

MALACHITE: bridges the energy of the heart and root chakras \ helps balance pure love, romance, and one’s own well-being \ stone of good fortune and prosperity/abundance

MILKY QUARTZ: gentle calming stone \ enhances meditation by allowing you to link to deep inner wisdom \ promotes mental clarity \ helps you to let go of overwhelming responsibilities

MOONSTONE: Brings good fortune / Assists in foretelling the future / Enhances intuition / Promotes inspiration / Brings success in love as well as business matters / Offers protection on land and at sea

PHANTOM QUARTZ: connects to a spiritual guide \ enhances meditation and recovers repressed memories in order to put the past into perspective \ phantom crystal symbolizes universal awareness

PRENHITE: Prehnite is a stone of unconditional love. It enhances inner knowledge, showing the path forward to spiritual growth. Used as a stone of vision, it works well during meditation to access higher levels of awareness, stimulating the third eye chakra.Prehnite can assist in finding the root cause of an illness. Healers use it for the kidneys and bladder, thymus gland, shoulders, chest and lungs.

PYRITE: The resemblance of pyrite to gold has made it a traditional symbol for money and good luck. It’s sunny golden color associates it with the sun, and with fortification and strengthening of the mind. The name comes from the Greek word meaning “a stone which strikes fire”. Iron Pyrite makes a wonderful energy shield, blocking out negativity from various sources.

CLEAR QUARTZ: Power, Energy, Clarity \ It channels universal energy\ excellent for harmonizing and balancing one’s environment \ dispels negativity and clears away negative energy \ enhances spiritual growth, spirituality and wisdom

ROSE QUARTZ: called the stone of “love” \ stone for every type of love: Self-love, family, platonic, romantic, and unconditional \ stone with a high energy

energizing stone \ assists with mental focus \ attracts love and stabilizes relationships

 greater awareness of the Divine Feminine \ restoration of health and balance \ connects the physical with the angelic realm \ encourages living from the heart

SMOKEY QUARTZ: instills balance & harmony and can bring inner peace \ promotes a sense of inner joy \ wonderful for relationships.

SODALITE: brings inner peace \ stimulates endurance \ harmonizes the inner being or the conscious and subconscious mind \ promotes peace and harmony

TIGERS EYE: stone of protection that is also very grounding \ enhances integrity, willpower, practicality and correct use of power \ brings prosperity and good luck \ is a protective stone during travel

aids in understanding oneself and others \ promotes self-confidence and diminishes fear \ balances male-female energy within the body \ attracts inspiration, compassion, tolerance and prosperity

TURQUOISE: associated with the sky, and bringing sky energy to the earth \ promotes honest and clear communication from the heart \ brings abundance \ is a master healer stone \ powerful for grounding and protection

VARISCITE: As a stone of prosperity, Variscite helps one to find financial stability while avoiding excess. Promotes Courage, Balances through Simplicity, helps to release unwanted habits. Variscite is used by healers to relieve stress, to enhance higher brain functions such as learning, logic and reasoning and to help in finding self acceptance.

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